Clinical Research Philosophy

Protocol Development.  Whether we are working from a standard protocol, one provided by a sponsor, or developing our own, our focus is on preparing a clear and concise road map to ensure successful study execution.  We take a comprehensive approach, including the leaders of every team within Dermico Lab in the process.  From subject recruitment to statistical analysis, you can be sure that your study has been designed in a thoughtful manner to best fit your needs.

Execution.  Our qualified and experienced staff excel at preparing for and executing your study to the highest standard, in compliance with applicable FDA regulations, ICH guidelines, the protocol, and our own Standard Operating Procedures.  Our staff are well trained, with documentation, to perform their assigned tasks.  Our technical equipment is maintained to the highest standard, with cyberDERM staff available on site to repair or replace instrumentation as needed.

Analysis and Reporting.  At the completion of a study our team is prepared to quickly analyze all data, perform statistical analyses, interpret results and provide a draft report in a timely fashion.  Throughout the entire study, from protocol development to final report generation, Quality Assurance and Quality Control are proactively ensuring proper documentation, data handling study execution and reporting.  At the end of each study our principal investigators can confidently stand behind any conclusions made as being meaningfully supported by the data.